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To All Color Lovers,

As a millennial I love color. I believe it’s in our nature to be drawn to it. When someone says the word “color” I am reminded of Gomphrena Pink Zazzle®, Ocimum Balsamic Blooms™ and of course, Superbells® Holy Moly! These plant varieties have COLOR. In addition to color, they aren’t your traditional flower, they are unique and versatile in their respective categories. I enjoy finding plants that are vibrant with all types of hues; from plants with bright eclectic colors that bring you into another world, to neutral tones that create relaxing spaces. Some varieties that come to my mind when talking about these hues are our new Echeveria Celestial Gems™, which range in all the colors of the rainbow. I also am reminded of our new Catharanthus Soiree™ varieties that have bright show stopping colors....continue

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House Brands

“EuroAmerican is a house of brands; our goal is to be a one-stop-shop for all plant needs. We are the best option for purchasing a wide diversity of annuals, perennials, grasses, poinsettia and shrubs as young plants and retail ready, we are grateful for the opportunity to have you as a valued customer and appreciate your business.”
John Rader   Chief Visionary Officer